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Er staan wederom nieuwe artikelen op de online magazine over de TPD, zoals:

"Intense, excitable people are often simultaneously drawn and averse to meditation. When you have a mind that naturally operates on overdrive and a surplus of energy to match, or when you struggle to turn down the volume on your imagination or your emotions, the idea of sitting silently and quieting your mind is both appealing and daunting.  So when I talk to people like this about my fledgling meditation practice, I usually hear some form of this stock response: “Oh, I wish I could meditate, but my mind’s way too active!”

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Ecco Homo, Adam Chmielowski’s Journey through Positive Disintegration​​​​​​​

"The life of Adam Chmielowski, a.k.a Brother Albert, an artist-turned-monk-turned-humanitarian, exemplifies a case of global and accelerated personality development through positive disintegration. As such, Chmielowski’s case is invaluable for students and researchers of TPD as it provides an empirical validation of the theory’s basic tenets. Apart from its scientific value, however, Chmielowski’s life is even more an inspiring example of things developmentally possible for those of us engaged in a search for authentic existence."

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