Creativiteit en ont-spanning

…gaan stap-voor-stap, hand-in-hand: ten bate van de ontwikkeling en uiting van creativiteit

Na het uiten van creativiteit ontstaat er niet zelden de geintensiveerde behoefte tot ontspanning (een soort onbewust kristalliseren van fluide ideeen:) ;

een loopmeditatie, douchen, hardlopen, zwemmen, reflectie, een retraite als functie van creatieve ontwikkeling!

“Let us now stop to think for a moment about the problem of creative intelligence. Let us pose a question: what is creative, the intelligence or the whole personality of the creator? What is the process of development of creativity, at what moments is it evoked, and what are the conditions accompanying the advent of ideas? Of course, here we can make only some sketchy remarks. To the first question we can answer that, in general, the share of the creator’s whole personality is proportional to the depth and extent of the creative processes. The advent of a creative idea, the development of a creative process, contains in itself several fundamental elements: an intensification of attention, the workings of thought within the scope of a given problem, the unrest that accompanies the advent of ideas and the lack of sufficient elements for their development, states of general mental and psychic disequilibrium, and states of irritation and enhanced excitability. Very often after this period there ensues a phase, as
it were, of separation from the spontaneity of the creative process; there comes a period of calming down, of “rest,” not infrequently of meditation and contemplation, sometimes a period of turning one’s back, for a certain time, on a given area of one’s interests. The creative idea usually arises in the first period, and develops in the second, though this is not always the case.”

Personality Shaping, p.120, K. Dabrowski.