Graag een warm applaus voor empathie

Graag een warm applaus voor empathie! 

“Growth of empathy is one of the most powerful developmental dynamics and one which most clearly shows the progressive and hard won change from narrow egocentrism to an all-encompassing universal love. Empathy grows out of the strong emotions of search for the meaning of life and finding it in concern and service to others, and out of the need for self-perfection as a human being. Self- perfection is not possible in a vacuum but grows out of a sense of relatedness with others measured in terms of an ‘ideal other’ embodied in one’s personality ideal. It grows out of conflicts with oneself which produce an increase in caring and appreciation of others, and a deeper humility within oneself.” 

Multilevelness of emotional and instinctive functions, p. 58, K. Dabrowski et al.

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