Leer en lees je graag meer over de theorie van positieve desintegratie?

Neem dan eens de volgende presentaties en verzameling bronreferenties van William Tillier, ex-student van Dabrowksi, door.

  • Dabrowski 101

Enkele citaten:

“Positive disintegration: Psychological growth can only take place if one’s status quo is challenged by crises and one undergoes dis-integration. This disintegration is positive when it leads to development, not simply a re-integration.”

“Positive when it enriches life, enlarges the horizon, and brings forth creativity, it is negative when it either has no developmental effects or causes involution” (1964, p. 10).
• Recovery from crisis can lead to a reintegration at the former level or to a more healthy integration and new equilibrium on a higher level.
• If a person has strong developmental potential, even severe crises can be positive and lead to growth.

“Dąbrowski gave a major role to emotion, where “emotional factors are not considered merely as unruly subordinates of reason, but can acquire the dominant role of shapers of development” (1996, p. 6).”

“Dąbrowski used levels, not stages and emphasized these levels are only a basic guideline to help see the process of development; they are not rigidly delineated.”

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  • Dabrowski 201

Een voorbeeld:


Definition:”Higher thanaverage responsiveness to stimuli, manifested either by psychomotor, sensual, emotional (affective), imaginational, or intellectual excitability or the combination thereof” (Dąbrowski, 1972, p. 303).

  • A physiological property of the nervous system:”Each form of overexcitability points to a higher than average sensitivity of its receptors” (Dąbrowski, 1972, p. 7).
  • Dąbrowski emphasized two aspects:a higher than average sensitivity of the nerves (receptors) and a higher than average responsiveness to stimuli.
  • “Psychic hyperexcitability is one of the major developmental potentials, but it also forms a symptom, or a group of general psychoneurotic symptoms” (Dąbrowski, 1970, p. 40).” 

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  • Dabrowski 301

Een grote verzameling bronteksten kun je tevens via de website, die Tillier onderhoudt, bestellen.

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